How To Choose The Right Lube

How To Choose The Right Lube

by Dustys Stores on Sep 27, 2022

Lube is a lube, right? Oh dear friends, not all lubes are created equal. And if you think lube is for vaginal dryness only, it’s time to step out of the box. Instead, think less friction, smoother skin, and all-around better sex — no matter your gender or age. Using the right lube for your goals is key, so let’s dig in and learn about the many types and purposes of lubes.

Water-Based Lube

If there were such a thing as an all-purpose lube, water-based lubes would it. These mimic natural lube, and are great for sensitive skin and most toys. But they’re not good for all kinds of sex.

Also, there are many types of water-based lubes, from toy lubes to flavored lubes for oral sex to warming lubes and cooling lubes, as well as delay lubes and gels to help men last longer. If you’re using latex condoms, water-based lube is your best bet. Just watch out if you’re using flavored lubes for vaginal sex as some contain sugar, which can cause yeast infections. 

Silicone Lubes

These long-lasting lubes are thicker than regular lubes, making them the perfect lube for anal sex or when you plan to go at it for a long time. Silicone-based lubes are also great for shower sex or masturbation in the shower since they don’t easily wash off. They’re also great lubes to use with condoms because some studies report that silicone lubes cause condoms to break less frequently. Just don’t use silicone lube on silicone-based toys or it will cause your toy to malfunction. 

Aloe-Based Lube

Aloe lubes are made from natural plant extracts and formulated to match the vagina’s pH. Women: If you’re prone to yeast infections or taking antibiotics, this is the lube for you. They’re also great for anyone with very sensitive skin. These lubes are also perfectly safe to use with condoms or with toys. 

Oil Lubes

Oil-based lubes provide a slippery feel, making them ideal for masturbation (hands or toys), penetrative skin-to-skin sex, sensual massages, and water play. 

Oil-based lubes (or any other oil products like petroleum jelly or mineral oil) should not be used with any type of condoms because they can cause condoms to break. You also don’t want to use these with latex diaphragms or latex sex toys, as they can dissolve the latex.

Hybrid Lubes

Hybrid lubes are a mix of one or more types of lube perfect for when one type of lube just won’t do the trick. Check the ingredients to determine the best time to use them.

Fertility Lubes

If you’re trying to conceive, use BioGenesis Fertility Lubricant. It’s the only product of its kind that is paraben free and contains both calcium and magnesium ions that are clinically proven to support successful fertility.

Now that you know which type of lube to use, here’s the best reason to use one: A study from Indiana University's Center for Sexual Health determined that lube makes it 50 percent easier to orgasm for both men and women. So grab some lube and have at it!