How To Clean And Care For Your Sex Toys

How To Clean And Care For Your Sex Toys

by Dustys Stores on Aug 02, 2022

Whether you’re a sex toy aficionado or looking to buy your first one, learning how to properly clean and store your toys is important. We know it’s not overly sexy to talk about what kind of soap to use or how to store your toys properly, but taking care of them is a beautiful form of self-care and can keep you and your partner sexually and physically healthy.

Sex toy materials

Most sex toys are made of either porous or nonporous materials. But before you get into the healthy habit of washing your toys, you need to know what material you're working with to ensure you’re properly cleaning your toys based on their material.

Because porous toys contain tiny little holes that can harbor bacteria, fungi and dirt, it’s essential to clean them regularly to keep you safe. If you're not sure about the best methods of cleaning your toys based on material, check out this helpful chart from Healthline that breaks it down.

What are the risks of not cleaning my toys?

Since vulvas and vaginas are absorbent, unclean or improperly cleaned sex toys can result in urinary tract infections, yeast infections and bacterial vaginosis. Regularly cleaning sex toys removes the bacteria built up on the toys, lowering your risk of any of these medical issues and potentially harming a partner.

Plus, regularly cleaning your toys can actually lengthen their lives and save you money, giving you and your partner more fun times.

How often should I wash my sex toys?

Wash your toys before and after solo or partnered sessions, and we're not talking about a quick rinse under the faucet! Take time and care to wash your toys with an antibacterial cleanser for at least 20 seconds, just as you would for your hands. 

Make sure to get into any crevices or curves and pat dry with a clean cloth or air dry on a clean surface — not just the closest towel in the bathroom because that will add bacteria back onto the toy’s surface.

Once dry, store it properly to ensure it does not pick up more bacteria before your next partnered or solo session.

Where should I store my sex toys?

It's not uncommon for someone to throw their dildo, vibrator or butt plug in their bedside drawer ... but how clean is that drawer?

If you frequently place toys in your bedside drawer or under your pillow post-session, you leave behind bacteria that can re-contaminate clean toys.

Consider purchasing a storage case to protect you and your toys in-between sessions. Plus, having a storage case makes traveling easy with your trusty companions.

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