How to pick a sex toy

How to pick a sex toy

by Dusty Flynt Admin on Jul 21, 2021

No matter how old we get, we’re never too old to play with toys … particularly when it comes to sexual satisfaction! Whether you’re a curious newbie, someone who’s looking to add variety to a relationship, or just wanting to increase your own knowledge about your body and what makes it feel good, choosing a toy can be an empowering, fun experience.

Sex toys have come a very long way from the days of being an embarrassing addition to one’s bedside drawer; there is a world of colors, shapes, sizes, textures, materials, and pleasures to be found at one’s fingertips (and sometimes on one’s fingertips), thanks to the Internet. For the impatient, the shy, the curious, and everyone else, shopping for the finest in ways to get off can be an arousing event, itself.

So what’s intimidating about sex toys? Narrowing down what you might want to try! Options might seem daunting, but admit it – the research is going to be a whole lot of fun.

In the spirit of the Dusty Flynt mantra (“Good vibes only”), let’s tune in to consider how we get off:

1. Comfort

Ask yourself – when was the last time you got off? Have you ever gotten off? Was it difficult? How did it make you feel? A few simple questions will help you gauge what your intent and goals are.

For those who are new to the “touch myself” game and are interested in exploring toys, you can’t go wrong with a basic bullet vibe. A word of caution: Some vibes are one speed only, and may prove too abrupt for some users. This B Yours wired remote vibe is both variable speed and waterproof, for good times in and out of the tub.

Interested in another level of satisfaction? Toys that provide dual stimulation (like these rabbit vibrators and anal stimulation toys) satisfy multiple pleasure centers at once and provide heightened orgasms.

Think vibrators are just for women? This study shows vibrator use among men is a widespread and healthy part of life.

2. Materials

What you put inside of you matters as much as who you put inside of you. While the science is still deciding if phthalates – often used in a variety of items to make plastics and rubbers softer – are harmful in the long term, many sex toy manufacturers have steered away from using the chemical in their products. Ride away guilt free!

One chemical-free option is glass toys. In addition to being super-easy to clean, glass sex toys are gorgeous as well as stimulating.

When slipping and sliding, solo or more, don’t forget the lube. You’ll want to consider any skin sensitivities your partner may have and opt for a water-based lubricant, which often comes in a variety of flavors (cookies and creme, anyone?) for oral play. Some toy materials and barriers require specific lubricants or cleaners. Doing your due diligence ahead of time makes for healthy sex-ploration.

3. Price

The adage “you get what you pay for” often proves true when it comes to sex toys. We recommend steering clear of novelty sex toys, often made with suspect and inferior materials. Online research will point you in the direction of products in your general price range, but first, be sure to take your interests and curiosity into consideration when narrowing down a purchase.

Of course, shopping the sale rack isn’t always a bad thing, especially when it might make the difference between trying something new or waiting for another day. Wanting to find that elusive G-spot and need a little assistance? Ready for the next stage in anal play? A new toy that’s in your price range is a dual win.

4. Comfort level

If you’re reading this article, you’re already well aware of the convenience, ease, and privacy of shopping online. Many sites ship orders in discreet packaging, and will often bill under a DBA (or “doing business as”) name.

However, we’re not saying there’s anything shameful or “must be kept private” about one’s curiosity when it comes to seeing, learning about, and purchasing sex toys! For a maximum positive experience, seek out a store with friendly, knowledgeable staff who are sex positive and ready to answer customer questions with real information.

Part of our “Good Vibes Only” philosophy means passing along that positivity and knowledge whenever and wherever possible. No one should make you feel embarrassed for wondering, least of all, YOU!

Enjoy the journey, and don’t forget to play with your toys.