Oh La La Ladies: The Buzz On Female Masturbation

Oh La La Ladies: The Buzz On Female Masturbation

by Dusty Flynt Admin on Jul 21, 2021

Okay ladies, we KNOW you’ve heard the buzz (literally) about masturbation. Whether it was from one of your girlfriends’ notorious “fun parties,” your mother, your doctor, your partner, and even from some wannabe psychologists, it seems everyone has an opinion about touching yourself!

Unfortunately, every time the word ‘masturbation’ is brought up, we automatically assume men are the only ones to experience and participate in the art of self-pleasure. Thing is, women do it too! In fact, nearly half of women between the ages of 18-60 report regular masturbation habits, and most claim they use a sex toy to climax.

While those are some solid numbers, we here at Dusty Flynt Sexy Gifts want to increase them. You see, we’ve hit an era of better health. We’ve started diets, gone on more walks, and have begun to be a little more in tune with our bodies. Fortunately, masturbation is actually an exciting … dare we say “productive” … thing to add to your daily or weekly regimen for better health.

Yes, you are hearing us right: Masturbation is good for you. And we’ve made it our priority to help you feel a little bit more in tune with yourself and your needs.

Did you know masturbation can make you feel good? Not just sexually, but even mentally. Upon reaching orgasm, blood flow increases and the brain releases endorphins. These hormones make us happy and satisfied, and even block pain. Some women are familiar with using these pain-blocking chemicals to their advantage in relieving menstrual cramps.

When it comes to playtime in the bedroom (or wherever you prefer to have some fun), knowing what you want — and most importantly HOW you want it — allows for communication to open up with you and your partner. Masturbation puts you in tune with yourself. Self-exploration gives you self-confidence and knowledge of your most intimate inner self, which helps break down communication barriers. Also, letting your partner in on what makes you climax will help alleviate any pressure that’s placed on that happy “O” and opens doors to new areas, such as (oh, yes) a little bit of dirty talk.

Want to know something? Masturbation doesn’t have to end in an orgasm or climax. We get you’re probably thinking, “then what’s the point?” Here’s the “rub”: Masturbation should be relaxing. It’s YOU time, a chance to learn about yourself and explore the ins and outs of what works best. Masturbation is that it is for you, and you only. Try different positions and stimulation techniques, and forget about the pressure of climaxing.

Maybe your regular routine needs something new? If the old-school tactics are no longer working (and we’re not against them), you might want to add something new to your repertoire: Toys.

We’re talking about the kind of playthings that are used to bring adults joy every day! There’s a sex toy for just about every preference:

  • Bullets are terrific for direct clitoral stimulation (something 75% of women need to climax); their user friendliness is the main reason why bullet vibrators are usually often the first toy many women buy. They are small, discrete, and come in various textures, materials, and modes. However, just because they are small doesn’t mean they aren’t powerful. Some even come with a rechargeable option (yes, no more batteries!)

One of our favorites falls in that latter category. Pretty in Pink by Evolved is a small, blushing vibe with multiple speeds and a 5-year warranty.

  • Dual-stim toys give a little boost to self-pleasure efforts by providing both internal and external stimulation simultaneously. Most of them are focused on stimulation of the G-spot and the clitoris.

The Nova by We-Vibe is among the first of its kind, a dual-stim toy that offers super flexibility, meaning constant clitoral stimulation without the loss of contact to the G-spot. In other words, it works with your body’s unique curves and bends.

For G-spot stimulation with that little extra buzz to help you along with your orgasm, Pillow Talks Sassy provides flexibility along with increasing vibration.

How about no vibration? Glass toys provide just that, along with the perfect amount of pressure.

Straight vibes, G-spot directed toys, and dongs are other options if you prefer internal stimulation over clitoral stimulation, or enjoy fantasizing about intercourse while masturbating.

And as always, lube and toy cleaner should be an important part of a happy and healthy orgasm!

Let’s talk about lube. As our biological systems slow down, women often notice they don’t become as lubricated during arousal as they once did. Don’t worry, the onset of menopause doesn’t mean the end of your intimate life. When previous sexual desires may not come as easy as they once did, it’s masturbation to the rescue! In fact, masturbation may be one of the first options that your doctor recommends. It increases blood flow to the vagina and should remain an important part of sexual play, whether solo or with a partner. An added bonus: Frequent masturbation may also help with the narrowing of the vaginal walls that most women tend to experience in menopause.

Dusty Flynt Sexy Gifts has some of the best lubricants to help make your intimate life as comfortable and exciting as possible. One of our favorites here is Pjur Med Repair Glide .

This water-based lubricant provides long-lasting moisture, and can be used all day – even outside of the sheets – to help prevent dryness that may occur; of course it’s also great for foreplay and intercourse.

Don’t forget the toys! We-Vibe Tango offers a wonderful rechargeable bullet that pack the perfect amount of punch. This bullet has the ability to be used solo but is also slim enough to be used externally during intercourse for extra oomph.

Experimenting with different options, along with following advice from your doctor, can go a long way in helping you to feel more comfortable with this transitional period. Here at Dusty Flynt Sexy Gifts, we’re happy to point you in the right direction of whatever works best and want nothing for you but “Good Vibes Only.”