Q&A: 5 Quick And Effective Oral Sex Tips

Q&A: 5 Quick And Effective Oral Sex Tips

by Dustys Stores on Jul 13, 2022

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5 Quick And Effective Oral Sex Tips

  • Make eye contact with your partner during oral sex. Observe their body language and facial expressions. If they feel awkward talking during sex, this will give you the opportunity to find out what makes them feel the best.
  • Get creative with your tongue, and switch it up! Try licking and sucking on the inner thighs and above and below the genitals. Combine this with the previous tip to find out how to get them to that big “O.”
  • Take your time. Giving pleasure isn’t a race.
  • Try a different position. Most couples engage in oral intercourse with the receiving partner on their back. Have them sit on a counter while you sit in a chair. 
  • Take things up a notch by adding a toy into your oral play. For him, roll a small vibrating toy along his perineum, balls, penile base, or overall genital area during oral or press it against the outside of your cheeks for a lower-intensity sensation. Adding a cock ring is also a fantastic idea he’ll love. For her, use a vibrator to stimulate her g-spot while your mouth teases her clitoris.