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Bow Down - Lindsay Goldwert

Popular podcast host and personal finance expert Lindsay Goldwert explores what professional Dominatrixes can teach us about confidence, power, and happiness. 

Imagine, for a moment, a world where the usual power dynamic is turned on its head. Where women not only stop apologizing, but seize- and enjoy- control. This is the quickly mainstreaming world of BDSM (bondage, discipline, sadism, masochism)- and it has a lot to teach women about empowerment, negotiation, open-mindedness, and more.

Journalist Lindsay Goldwert, intrigued by the seismic cultural shift, traveled across the United States to meet the stars of the subculture, who spoke frankly with her about their lives and work. 

In this "lively, funny, thoughtful channeling of wisdom" (Sara Benincasa, author of Real Artists Have Day Jobs), these Alpha women show you how you can reset the power dynamic in any situation to get what you want- whether it's from a husband, a boss, or a partner. They share strategies for revolutionizing not only your sex life, but your career, your relationships, and most importantly, your inner foundations. 

With bondage gear popping up on the big screen, the runway, the red carpet, and in celebrity lingerie lines, BDSM is officially moving out of the dungeon and into the sun. Let Bow Down help you learn how to use it. 

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