Lonely Hearts: Us- Bundles - Shop Dusty's
Lonely Hearts: Us- Bundles - Shop Dusty's
Lonely Hearts: Us- Bundles - Shop Dusty's
Lonely Hearts: Us- Bundles - Shop Dusty's
Lonely Hearts: Us- Bundles - Shop Dusty's
Lonely Hearts: Us- Bundles - Shop Dusty's
Lonely Hearts: Us- Bundles - Shop Dusty's
Lonely Hearts: Us- Bundles - Shop Dusty's
Lonely Hearts: Us- Bundles - Shop Dusty's
Lonely Hearts: Us- Bundles - Shop Dusty's

Lonely Hearts: Us

Take your next date night or online hookup to the next level with our US box! 

This set comes in a beautiful Dusty's box that's perfect for toy storage, and contains a Bobble Crazy Cubes Stroker, Nipple Clamps, Faux Fur Locking Cuffs, Short Suede Flogger, Unicorn Rainbow Bondage Rope, Iroha Mini Vibrator, Smitten Strawberry & Champagne Pheromone Soy Massage Candle, and Let's Lock Lips Pheromone Perfume.

As a special thank you, each box contains a free surprise gift!

For online orders, your Dusty's box will arrive inside a discreet, plain-white shipping box from DFLY e-commerce (the same name on your billing statement) so only you will know what's inside!

The US box includes: 

Tenga Bobble Crazy Cubes Stroker
Crazy Cubes bounce and bump for a wild ride! The soft elastomer together with the firmer Crazy Cubes combine for contrasting sensations. Newly developed molding technology allows for firmer elastomer parts to be attached inside of the soft material for a whole new kind of stimulation. The ultra-soft and highly elastic material of the TENGA Bobble combine for contrasting sensations. 

By adjusting the firmness of the grip while stroking, users can fully experience the contrasting stimulation from the soft material and elastic pieces, together in one item. The TENGA Bobble can be turned inside out for easy cleaning. Use the bottom of the case for drying and close with the top of the case for hygienic storage.

Ouch! Nipple Clamps
These nipple clamps from Ouch! are easy to use and suitable for both him and her. The clamps are made of stainless steel and aluminum, and are completely nickel-free. You can use the nipple clamps for your naughty secrets, or for extra stimulation while making love.

Temptasia Faux Fur Locking Cuffs
Sturdy nickel-free cuffs with removable faux fur. With locks on both cuffs, each containing a safety release lever and a set of two working keys, these sexy cuffs are a great way to add fun to your bedroom or just any play time. Matching keys work for both locks, so give one to your lover and tuck another away for safekeeping.

Short Suede Flogger With Woven Handle
This decadent 18" flogger with a woven leather handle will definitely teach anyone a lesson. Made from soft supple suede and leather, the sting of the suede tails will deliver the right amount of pleasure and pain with each swing!

Unicorn Rainbow Bondage Rope
Emojibator's bamboo silk rainbow bondage rope bursts with color, comfort, and strength. Measuring 8 meters (approximately 26.25 feet) and 6mm in diameter, the strands are dyed prior to spinning so that the color is beautifully variegated and coated with wax and treated for immediate use.

Strong enough for restraint and specially designed with a tight twist to ensure safety if used for suspension, the rope's natural stretch is safe for all BDSM adventures. The label includes "how to tie your first-knot" instructions.

Pink Iroha Mini Vibrator
Smaller than the palm of your hand, this delightful little toy provides portable pleasure; in the bath or in the bedroom, it will always be by your side. bringing intimate pleasure, closer to you. Batteries not included.

Smitten Strawberry & Champagne Pheromone Soy Massage Candle
Set the mood you desire with this pheromone-infused, soy massage oil candle and let the fragrant oil of strawberries and champagne take over. Simply light it, enjoy the scent for 30 minutes, then blow out the candle and use its warm (but not hot) oil for an amazing massage. And not to worry. The candle will solidify to use another day.

Let's Lock Lips Pheromone Perfume
Amplify your natural pheromones with this musky scent with a spicy twist. Hold fragrance 5-7 inches away from skin and apply to pulse points. Blends with skin pH to create a sexy scent unique to you and is designed to enhance your sex appeal.
Top Notes: Natural bergamot, lemon, cardamon, mimosa and violet.
Mid Notes: Tuberose, violet, muguet and magnolia.
Bottom Notes: Musk and tonka.
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