Mouth Watering Mints
Mouth Watering Mints- Watermelon
Mouth Watering Mints- Strawberry
Mouth Watering Mints- Tangerine
Mouth Watering Mints- Mint
Mouth Watering Mints- Lemon
Mouth Watering Mints- Cherry

Mouth Watering Mints

Flintts Mints are quick-dissolving mints that make your mouth water. They also make your mouth sparkle, which is a pleasant electric sensation that must be experienced to be understood.

Their super powers come from the Spilanthes flower, which is native to the Amazon. Higher F-strength means more mouth-watering and a stronger sparkle.

Flintts are for Everyone with a capital E. They’re sugar-free, vegan, plant-based, non-GMO, non-medicinal, and best of all, come in different F-Strengths. That means you can decide how much buzz you want in your mouth. Looking for something more mild and like a traditional mint? Try the lower F-Strengths.

Each pack contains at least 15g Flintts Mints, which is 27 - 30 tablets. 

Flavor: Watermelon (F 100)
Watermelon (F 100)
Cherry (F 150)
Tangerine (F 175)
Mint (F 200)
Strawberry (F 225)
Lemon (F 250)
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