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Nu Sensuelle

Sensuelle Baelii XLR8 Flexible G-Spot Vibrator

Sensuelle Baelii XLR8 Flexible G-Spot Vibrator

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The NU Sensuelle Baelii XLR8 is a super-strong vibe that’s flexible to bend with you. The curved tip makes Baelii XLR8 ideal as a slim G-spot toy or to pinpoint sensation on any part of the body.

Baelii XLR8 features 15 power-packed vibration functions. Plus, the Turbo Boost function kicks the intensity up to 9000 RPM—as strong as the most powerful wand vibrator—for 12 seconds at a time.

Length: 3.75 in.
Top of Shaft Width: .75 in.
Base Width: .875 in.

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