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Special Edition Jewels Miss Bi

Special Edition Jewels Miss Bi

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MISS BI is the dual vibrator you’ve been dreaming of, with a shape designed for targeted G-spot massage and deep, powerful vibration against the clit. This vibe is the easiest way to hit your spots while getting the girth you crave. Many people need simultaneous G-spot and clit stimulation  to reach orgasm, and with the MISS BI, you get that with zero effort.

See how the clit extension is broad and close to the shaft? It doesn’t look like most other rabbit vibrators—and that’s the point! Instead of hoping that we happened to guess the exact location of your clitoris, we’ve made an extension that covers a large surface area and moves with your body, so you’re always getting the clit vibration you’re here for.

One super-cool thing about this strong rabbit vibrator is that it has two motors—one for the shaft and one for the clit—that you can control separately. So, you could keep the shaft at a low rumble while getting super high vibration or even a fun pattern on your clitoris. You can even save your favorite setting, so it’ll start that way next time!

6 Speeds, 6 Patterns

Total Length: 6.69"  

Insertable length: 3.15"

Color: Green

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