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About Dusty’s

Nurturing Intimacy, Inspiring Exploration

From the First Family of Sex

I started as a young adult in a family business, which ultimately presented an opportunity to pursue a career in the adult retail industry. Having had a front row seat to my father’s life long battle with Cincinnati over obscenity, I became a champion of free speech and peoples’ right to privacy. The fight to sell adult movies and sex toys became a personal mission.


Sexuality is one of the ways that we become enlightened, actually, because it leads us to self-knowledge

The Next Generation

I realized that there was a lack of sexual wellness stores in Cincinnati that catered to all sexual orientations and relationship types, covering all bedroom fantasies. Dusty’s was born with a mission to spread sexual wellness and exploration.

The adult retail industry has changed a lot in 20 years! Once a male consumer driven industry, it has evolved into a sexual wellness destination driven by females and couples looking to better their sex life! This is a unique business that is tailored to individuality and helping customers explore their sexuality.

Encouraging self-pleasure and connection

Is At The Forefront Of What We Do

I find it incredibly rewarding to know we are able to help our customers improve their relationships and personal lives. They are why we do what we do. We are a sex-forward, positive company encouraging those who purchase our products to have fun and to enjoy their sex lives with unbridled passion.

Our stores offer a fresh new twist on sexual wellness with a range of top of the line products, as well as options for the budget-minded customer, offering a beautiful, pleasant place to shop. Visit us in Sharonville or Florence where you’ll find everything you need to invigorate your relationship and the staff who will provide you with the knowledge and encouragement to explore your fantasies. We know that not everyone wears their sexual interests on their sleeve, so our website is available for your discreet shopping needs.