Q and A: How Can I Last Longer During Sex?

Q and A: How Can I Last Longer During Sex?

by Dustys Stores on Sep 15, 2022

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Hey, premature ejaculations happen even to the best of us, and quickies are great, too. But there are ways to increase your stamina and last longer during sex. When something feels great, don’t you want it to last longer? Of course you do! Check out these just-the-tips.

  1. Switch positions. The minute or so it takes to get in a new position will slow things down naturally. If you’re having sex with a woman, try the CAT position. She lies in missionary position with her legs spread, and you rest on your knees between her legs. Arch your back and instead of going for direct penetration, hold yourself so that your penis goes down and stimulates her clit on the way to inserting just the tip. Not only will you last longer, but your partner will really appreciate this move.

  2. Do Kegel exercises. Women have long known about Kegels as a way to tighten their vaginas and increase bladder control during pregnancy, but Kegels also are a great way to help men increase their stamina. Next time you pee, practice starting and stopping the flow. This will strengthen your pubococcygeal muscles of the pelvic floor, which helps you control your orgasms during sex. 

  3. Try edging. When you’re masturbating, stop right before you come. After you catch your breath, start again, and stop again. Bringing yourself to the brink and then stopping helps your muscles learn to last longer.

  4. Try a cock ring. These handy little helpers give you a stronger erection and help you last longer. 

  5. Take a supplement. Our 24K Platinum Male Enhancement Supplement is a fast-acting supplement that promotes rock-hard erections, maximized penis length, width, stamina, increased volume of ejaculate, and minimizes premature ejaculation.