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Limba Flex Posable Dildo

Limba Flex Posable Dildo

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The LIMBA FLEX bends to hold a variety of shapes and angles—so you can hit the spot for any body, in any position.

Buying toys can be a guessing game: you try to figure out what shape your body will like the best without trying it first. The LIMBA FLEX takes the guesswork out of it. If you discover you want a dildo with an extreme G-spot curve, just bend it into that shape. If you want a straight shaft, just bend it back. This customizable dildo makes it easy to try lots of different positions and ways to play without switching out your toys.

It’s also a great packing dildo! Just bend the LIMBA FLEX so it fits under your clothes, then pull it out when you’re ready to play!

The tapered tip and slim shaft make it the perfect intro toy for pegging.

Small: 1.1" x  4.33"

Medium: 1.2" x 6.69"

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